Thursday, June 9, 2011

No More High School (part 1)

So... yesterday was my final day of high school, I felt like throwing up the entire time. Not due to nerves or anything, but before the day started I went to my local Raley's and picked up a liter and a half of chocolate milk and drank it within 10 minutes.

In my choir final, I was given my final way early, so what I did for an hour and a half was play Pokemon (keep in mind that I was an 18 yr old senior) The girls that tried talking to me in that class were ignored due to my mind being fully involved in Pokemon and trying to not to throw up/ shit everywhere.

The next final I had was a spinning final, I still felt sick during the written portion; luckily, it only took 30 minutes and then we all went and hung out in the gym waiting for school to get over. However, I was not in the gym for a good majority of the time. Since the locker room was completely empty I sat around in there and released all the built-up gas, due to the chocolate milk... Definately was not one of my greatest moments and not how I had hoped to be spending my last day of high school.

As soon as the bell rang, I sprinted out to see all my friends and started doing silly dances; upon running around, I stumbled across my friend "Tone". Out of pure excitement, I ran up and gave Tone a giant bear hug... the only problem is that I forgot the a bear hug would hurt him, due to his collar bone which he broke only a few days prior. I apologized as best as I could and he accepted it then kissed me on the cheek and I kissed him back (now, before you jump to any conclusions, Tone and I are both straight, we just have one of those friendships where we don't care what others think and it's slightly homo-erotic (no homo))

I continued to run through the parking lot, as gleeful as humanly possible. When I was in the middle of the aisle in the parking lot, I look towards my friends in a giant group near their cars. As I look onward, I see a black Nissan Altima peel out from behind a parked car almost strike all of my friends in the group and is headed directly towards me. I was able to sprint out of the way, even though it was like two feet from hitting me... if you are reading this Altima Driver, you are a dick and I hope you get AIDs then die in a car crash :) I walk to my friends and I immediately start just yelling cuss words at the car, that never even slowed down or stopped; the thing is, the majority of the kids in this particular group are mormon. I look around and realize that I'm insulting their beliefs, so I apologize much like this, "I'm sorry for cussing so much, but I was almost hit by a fucking dick!"

Afterwards, my friend "Porter" and I were headed to a local breakfast resturant to meet more of our friends there; while driving down there, we yelled at absolutely everybody on the way, not even comprehensible yelling, we just were yelling to make noise. After a while, there were no more people to yell at and we had no idea what to do, so we just kinda turned up the radio and drove in quiet for the last minute (for you girls out there, guys don't try to get to know their friends, so we hardly ever have deep meaningful talks that I know ladies have)

At the breakfast eatery, we started playing dice as the artificial sweeteners as currency, but I didn't really play due to me still feeling the consequences of chugging 1 1/2 liters of chocolate milk. I wouldn't want to play because my friend "Ginger" kept on winning like every round, he only lost once; and my other friend "Hoagie" kept getting mad because of them using artificial sweeteners because they are expensive and he was also getting annoyed by our friend "Shorty" who was acting like himself, but up'ed the annoyance factor up when he heard Hoagie getting mad. My journey at the resturant ended when I needed to go to the bathroom but Porter and my other friend "Zeb" came in before I could lock the door, they eventually left when I explained that I thought I had to shit, but I just had more gas.

We headed to Zeb's house afterwards to have a Nerf gun war (for those of you who never have done this, it's actually way more intense than it sounds) Then Ginger's girlfriend "Ern" came and we decided to have a dance party in Zeb's room. I danced with Zeb, Shorty, Ginger, Hoagie, "Pretty-Boy" and "Treebeard"all the while Ern and Hoagie's sister, "Ducky," watched as we absolutely destroyed Zeb's room and left it in disarray as we headed towards the trampoline and invented a new game called "Ocean." The rules are simple: everybody bounce in a circle, somebody (doesn't matter who) yells "pockets on the ground" and everybody sits on their butt. The last one to hit the ground gets put in the ocean or the shame center and people bounce around them and make fun of them until somebody yells out "pockets on the ground" etc...

Shit! I wrote a lot... I'm going to make this a two-part story

Failed Vlog

So, I'm going to try and fail at this blog, much like my wildly unsuccessful vlog. My vlog was sooo unpopular that not even spammers would message my e-mail address, can you imagine thinking you are doing great after only like three videos and only to get two subscribers and a combined total of 25 views. So I haven't had the heart to film anymore, I'm not much of a filming-star, I never had the energy so it was almost a drag, and none of my thoughts were connected, I always just ranted on and on and I wasn't even sure what I was talking about.

So, this blog is mostly about me, and the stories of my life that let me know that our society is going to Hell in a hand basket. I'll try to put one such story soon.

P.S. If anybody writes blogs, what is the label thing below on editing.